Artificial Intelligence Introduction
Artificial Intelligence Introduction
A course that introduces students to artificial intelligence with neural networks.
Learn about artificial neural networks
Lesson Plan
1. Getting Started
; Dealing with noisy data
lock 2. The benefits of neural networks
(requires student license)
; Neural networks get better if they have access to varied data.
lock 3. Variety, variety
(requires student license)
; Can neural networks also learn about numbers?
lock 4. Numbers
(requires student license)
; Can neural networks remember letters and numbers at the same time?
lock 5. Mixing letters and Numbers
(requires student license)
; What happens in our brains when we forget something?
lock 6. How do we learn best? Part 1
(requires student license)
; How can we be less forgetful?
lock 7. How do we learn best? Part 2
(requires student license)
; Our neural network learns to recognise simple Emojis.
lock 8. Emotions
(requires student license)
; Converting decimal numbers into binary
lock 9. An AI number converter
(requires student license)
; How the number of perceptrons in the hidden layer influences the ANNs learning ability
lock 10. Investigating the hidden layer
(requires student license)
; What about many patterns?
lock 11. Alphabet
(requires student license)
We take a look deep inside the perceptron and learn how it works.
12. Inside the perceptron
; We do the job of a perceptron.
lock 13. Let's be a perceptron
(requires student license)
We build a home automation system that controls the lights and fan.
Lesson Plan
14. Home Automation with AI
We build a home automation system that follows our own commands
Lesson Plan
15. Personalised Home Automation with AI
We build an automatic librarian that can classify books.
16. An AI Librarian
We build an AI that warns us if our social media posts are likely to offend someone.
Lesson Plan
17. Anti-bullying AI
AI helps us to find the curve that best matches our experimental data
18. AI Scientist
We explore data bias and its impact on the AI
Lesson Plan
19. Data Bias in AI
We solve data bias by providing more balanced training data
Lesson Plan
20. Solving data bias
We trace the algorithm that powers the AI
21. AI Tracing
We use an AI to tell us if common systems we encounter in our lives are driven by AI technology
Lesson Plan
22. Is it AI?
We use an AI to help us to identify animals by their observable features
Lesson Plan
23. Identifying Animals with AI
An AI that helps us find movies we like to watch
Lesson Plan
24. Identifying Movies with AI
We train an AI to recognize Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down gestures.
25. Thumbs-up
; Train an Artificial Intelligence with your own data. Can the AI make predictions?
lock 26. AI Science Lab
(requires student license)
Investigate how light, salinity, and moisture affect plant growth.
27. Plant growth with AI