Machine learning
A course that introduces students to artificial intelligence with neural networks.
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Artificial Intelligence
Learn about artificial neural networks
Getting Started
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Noisy Data
Dealing with noisy data
The benefits of neural networks
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Neural networks get better if they have access to varied data.
Variety, variety
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Can neural networks also learn about numbers?
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letters numbers
Can neural networks remember letters and numbers at the same time?
Mixing letters and Numbers
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What happens in our brains when we forget something?
How do we learn best? Part 1
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How can we be less forgetful?
How do we learn best? Part 2
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Our neural network learns to recognise simple Emojis.
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Binary Numbers
Converting decimal numbers into binary
An AI number converter
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Hidden Layer
How the number of perceptrons in the hidden layer influences the ANNs learning ability
Investigating the hidden layer
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What about many patterns?
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We take a look deep inside the perceptron and learn how it works.
Inside the perceptron
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We do the job of a perceptron.
Let's be a perceptron
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Home Automation
We build a home automation system that controls the lights and fan.
Home Automation with AI
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Home Automation Deluxe
We build a home automation system that follows our own commands
Personalised Home Automation with AI
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AI Librarian
We build an automatic librarian that can classify books.
An AI Librarian
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Anti-bullying AI
We build an AI that warns us if our social media posts are likely to offend someone.
Anti-bullying AI
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AI Scientist
AI helps us to find the curve that best matches our experimental data
AI Scientist
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Data Bias in AI
We explore data bias and its impact on the AI
Data Bias in AI
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Solving data bias
We solve data bias by providing more balanced training data
Solving data bias
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AI Tracing
We trace the algorithm that powers the AI
AI Tracing
WARNING: PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY - The experiments produce light flashes that can potentially trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy