Primary Starter Course
A course that explores binary numbers, variables, binary addition and computer graphics suitable for primary school students.
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Binary numbers
Learn about binary numbers.
Binary Counting
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Explore what variables do in a computer
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Number Conversion
Converting binary numbers to decimal
From Binary to Decimal
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Adding two numbers
Add two numbers
5 / 9
Adding three numbers
Add three numbers
More Addition
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Computer Graphics
Getting to know the Dot Matrix Display. Accessing letters
Computer Graphics
7 / 9
Missing Letters
The case of the missing letters
Computer Graphics, Part 2
8 / 9
Making Animations
We are making a movie
9 / 9
Making longer words
Making longer words
Longer Words
WARNING: PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY - Some of the experiments produce light flashes that can potentially trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy

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