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COVID-19 response: Courses Free for all students for the next 3 months.

Computing without Coding

Gain a deep and intuitive understanding of Digital Technologies key concepts and their practical application.
Explore artificial intelligence, binary numbers, pixel graphics, algorithms and the inner workings of a computer processor.
Suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary students of Digital Technologies and Computer Science.
Free for the next three months (as of March 2020) due to COVID-19.
Parents & Teachers, get started here.
Machine Learning
AI and Machine Learning Hour of Code Activity (Secondary+Tertiary)
Machine Learning
AI and Machine Learning Course (Secondary+Tertiary)
Binary numbers
Learn how the computer processor works! (Secondary+Tertiary)
Computer Algorithms (Secondary+Tertiary)
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics (Secondary)
Primary Starter
Binary Numbers + Computer Graphics (Primary)
AI Webinar
Watch our latest AI webinar
AI Webinar
AI Webinar with the Digital Technologies Hub

Digital Technologies Institute
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