Artificial Intelligence Experiment #21
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Input Pattern
Artificial Intelligence Introduction: AI Tracing

In this lesson, we explore a very simple artificial neural network that can decide if the majority of three fields are mainly white or black.

This AI has a cousin, called the Spreadsheet AI, which lives in an Excel Spreadsheet. Download is here: Spreadsheet AI worksheet and open it in Excel.

Open the spreadsheet and compare it with the AI in the browser. Can you find which perceptrons from the spreadsheet match the perceptrons in the browser. Can you find the weight factors?

Change the input values of the Spreadsheet AI and trace the changes from the input to the output. You can look at each cell and even check the formulae.

The weights were calculated by our AI in the browser window as part of the back propagation learning process. We then exported them for you into the spreadsheet. So, Spreadsheet AI is a trained AI, but it is unable to learn.

This scenario has been inspired by and developed in cooperation between the Digital Technologies Institute, Australiaand the Digital Technologies Hub, Australia