Artificial Intelligence Experiment #22
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Input Pattern
Artificial Intelligence Introduction: Is it AI?

In this experiment, we explore if common systems that we use on a daily basis are actually powered by AI. This tool is based on a flowchart by Karen Hao.

Think about a system, such as a self-driving car. On the left, click on the boxes that apply to it. For example, a self-driving car can move, and it does move based on what is sees and hears. Then it is a smart robot, which is an AI.

Observe how our artificial neural network takes your input, processes it and makes a suggestion at its output, whether the input refers to an AI or not.

You can try it with all sorts of combinations. Go to the flowchart and try it with the network.

This scenario has been inspired by and developed in cooperation between the Digital Technologies Institute, Australia and theDigital Technologies Hub, Australia

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